DATE: 01-Nov-22

ON RUNNING- 01-Nov-22

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On Running SS23 ATS

Place of delivery: Exw  Hong Kong

Price detail: See detail in column K

Date of delivery: 4th week of November

Price detail: See detail in column K.

MOQ: Take all per file

5% Fee Agency to be Added

Payment terms: Wire transfer 100% after confirmation

• Please note following:

a. Prices do not include palletizing, wrapping, Labeling, Up-loading

b. Storage charges may be applied in case the merchandise is not picked up by you / your forwarder after 5 days of notification of cargo ready for Pick Up pallet

c. Charges will be sent between 5 and 10 days after the load has picked up

d. Prices do not include segregation of your orders

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